Our story


Welcome to Saint Marys Theological Seminary, St. Marys Parish, Lousiana 

Saint Marys Theological Seminary is a an online non-profit seminary, approved to offer its religious educational programs and Statutes pursuant to religious institutions.


The Path to Sacred Service that leads to ordination as an Interfaith  Minister is based on a four prong learning paradigm:

Wisdom – The seminarian is exposed to the major tenets & beliefs of various religions and paths utilizing a historical -philosophical –and cultural lens. The curriculum exposes the seminarian to the understanding of the religions using a didactic - pedagogical and experiential method.  The seminarian is immersed in the knowledge of  ministry and its various elements. 

Rites & Ritual –The seminarian is introduced to rites and ritual and explores its meaning and symbols through experiential methods. Seminarians are immersed in the practice of ritual in the context of ministry.

Energy – Seminarians explore energetic and metaphysical elements that apply to spiritual practice (Reiki, breathwork,meditation, crystals, etc).

Reflection -  The component of  self- reflection and introspection is an important elements of seminary training and is integral in the seminary curriculum.  This spiritual development is critical for the seminarian in their own spiritual evolution and is accomplished through writing exercises, meditation, and self- reflection.  Seminarians are encouraged to “dig deep” about their individual spiritual practice and sacred journey.

All class sessions are offered in as a mixture of lectures, audios, activations, and is mostly written as correspondence courses. This allows further knowledge & inner spiritual reflections and application.

Saint Marys Seminary has met all of the requirements through Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education under the pursuant to religious institutions.