"Let's bring joy back into religion."

The Universal Faiths Seminary, Fellowship’s & Church Temple is place we view as the sanctuary of all sacred knowledge and learning for the mission of restoring faith to ancient truths & religion. We have open our 3 fellowship’s Star, Rose,MAAT we also have open for our sisters the sistership council and we serve degrees & ordaining through the saint mary’s seminary. Come as you are, but be willing to change & transform into who you truly are and always have been, with the right tools & educational resources & research through our archives & library theres nothing you can’t discover. If there’s a topic missing send a message we’ll try to find it for you. All are welcome to become part of the church for indigenous peoples & nations.

Helping others find inner peace and happiness might be the most wonderful gift you can give to another, and could be considered one of the most rewarding vocations in life.

Immerse Yourself in Knowledge for it is the key 🔑 to wisdom if we study the Paths & Teachings of the Ancient Traditions and ways.