If you are aware that no one else can make you happy, and that happiness is the result of love coming out of you, this becomes the greatest mastery of the Toltecs, the Mastery of Love.

—don Miguel Ruiz



The Initiate level is the first serious step toward becoming clergy. Yes, as an Initiate, you already are clergy; however, there is more to being a member of the Wiccan clergy than just initiating, and you know this, dear Initiate, or you wouldn’t be taking this course. The operative word here is serious.


As you work through this course, you will become more tuned in to the energies, weather patterns, and psychic currents in your area.


You will find yourself connecting more deeply to the earth and moon tides, develop stronger psychic skills, and your abilities and creative skills will also increase. All of these things will deepen your connection to your guardians, your power animals, and the elemental energies and allies around you.


You will become aware of your own spiritual gifts. As this deepening occurs, of course you will also find yourself becoming closer and closer to your chosen deities; your matron goddess(es) and patron god(s), and you will want to express that love and devotion.




You should already be doing daily devotionals at this point (a devotional, you may remember from Dedicant,⁴ is an act of speaking our gratitude and love to our chosen deities, but not asking for anything—as with a prayer), but during this course, your devotionals will deepen and expand into that of the adoration.


An adoration is similar to a devotional in that you are giving praise and gratitude to your chosen deities, but as the energy runs through your body, as you become more and more familiar with your gods through study, evocation, and aspecting, you will find your devotionals aren’t just heartfelt words any longer, but are often heart-pounding, teary-eyed, full-body-vi-brating, passionate expressions. Following are two excellent examples of devotionals, written by a bright and beautiful young student of mine, whose heart for the gods is a true inspiration. These devotionals are so immediate and so powerful they could absolutely be used as adorations. The first time I read them, they brought tears to my eyes.