To offer spirituality to those in search of higher spiritual truth beyond that found in conventional, Linear non spirited non ethnic centered schools and universities ~ while encouraging the individual, metaphysical perspectives of students for creating a diversity of new approaches to spiritual practice and ministry. To ensure the continuation, preservation, expansion, and integrity of the truth in scriptures & teachings.



To provide affordable education in higher advanced wholistic, Metaphysics, as well as Transpersonal, Transcendent, and theologically eclectic & Metaphysical forms of spirituality, so graduates from our degree programs are well prepared to teach, counsel, coach, practice spiritual healing or engage in whatever their chosen metaphysical specialty may be.



To conduct further research into the nature and source of consciousness for discovering the spiritual mysteries of life and how such knowledge may be practically applied to the improvement of human life, both individually and collectively. This includes the evolution toward the synthesis of science, psychology, transcendentalism, and mysticism so that eventually absolute spiritual truth and absolute scientific psychological truth may compliment and explain each other as one reality.


The University System’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose, as conceptualized by Dr. Marie Star, Bishop & Priestess Hierophant of Universal Faiths Temple and Schools. Seeing a need for studies that were more in line with ethnic and indigenous spirituality and religion of ancient ancestral lineages it warranted a legitimacy to create a  diverse university of the faiths & divinity for those seeking degrees within the spiritual and religious realms. As well as if interested in future ordinations although ordinations are not a requirement for enrollment in the university.  Degrees centered in ancient wisdom,  metaphysical practices, spiritual healing, and health maintenance, meditation and other contemplative practices that lead to the investigation of higher consciousness for the purpose of authenticating the existence of a Supreme, Creative Intelligence or God, and the continuation of life beyond the physical.


I am the presence of Universal faith and Spirit of religion from a person of many colors perspective and like the rainbow that we are ethnically we choose to embody, wisdom, power, creativity, peace, love, and harmony of my universal origin as I go through this human life, for this realization of my true God-selfhood. I give thanks that it is so, AND SO IT IS! Amen.



+Bishop Marie Lebleux Star

Priestess Hierophant Universal Faiths Temple

The Wisdom School

Univeristy of Divinty 


(see our councils should you wish to pursuer your own independent temples and parish for fellowship and learning of the sacred arts and sciences)